Caprica Software

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About Us

Caprica Software Limited is a software development services company based in the United Kingdom.

Although our main business is in the UK, we have clients in many locations around the world including North America, Europe, and Australasia.

With over twenty years of software development experience, we offer IT consultancy services to clients, covering all aspects of the software development life-cycle.

Our core skills are in technical leadership, software architecture, API design and general software development across the full stack.

We specialise in Java technologies for the back-end, Spring, Spring Boot, WebFlux and so on.

In the front-end, we specialise in ReactJS and Typescript technologies, both Single Page Applications and NextJS applications with server-side or hybrid rendering.

For databases, we have experience of both traditional Relational Database Management Systems such as PostgreSQL and document databases such as MongoDB, with GraphQL.

We have provided solutions for various clients across most major cloud platforms, in particular Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform, uaing Docker and Kubernetes.

Our clients cover a diverse selection of industries, including aerospace, defence, banking and finance, hospitality, transport, patents, government, and social and green programmes.

We have a track record of successful delivery when working with all sorts of enterprises, from small companies and boutique consultancies, up to large multinational corporations, government agencies, and early-stage startups.

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We can offer these services:

  • Full-time consultancy or software development services, for longer term contracts
  • Part-time or ad-hoc consultancy work, on a daily, weekly or custom basis
  • Bespoke software development services to a given specification
  • Ad-hoc support for our Open Source and commercial software products, on a case-by-case basis

For our clients, we usually fill roles in the following categories:

  • Software Architect
  • Development Lead
  • Technical Lead
  • Senior Full-Stack Software Engineer

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Commercial Licenses

In addition to to our consultancy services offering, we also make available commercial licenses for various packaged software that we develop.

We offer commercial licenses primarily for vlcj (which is otherwise available under the Open Source GPL license), and vlcj-pro (a closed source product).

Commercial licenses for other products may be available on request.


If you would be interested in using our services, or you would be interested in purchasing a commercial license for one of products, then please feel free to get in touch.