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A simple, small, jQuery plugin used to generate nice hierarchical organisation charts from nothing more than standard HTML lists.

HTML/CSS purists likely would not be too happy with the implementation since it uses nested tables to achieve the layout. Nevertheless, it works pretty well and you can make nice looking interactive organisational charts with it quite easily.

All you need to do to get easy, great-looking charts is to write out your hierarchical chart structure as a regular HTML unordered list, where each chart node is a list item, or another unordered list. You can have as much nesting as you want to achieve the desired chart layout.


Important! This project has been superceded by the react-org-chart component and you are strongly encouraged to use that instead.


This project is the original jQuery plugin for generating a hierarchical organisational chart from a regular HTML nested unordered list. There is at least one other similar project out there that has used our approach, and in fact our code too, as the foundation for their own plugin.


All available documentation is located at the GitHub project page.

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If you've used this plug-in please tell us about it and send a link or screen-shot of your beautiful chart if it's public!