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The Bootlace project is an Open Source project that provides a complete working reference application showing how to build a single page web application with AngularJS, using web-services built with Spring MVC, and secure with Spring Security and MongoDB.

The project build processes uses both Maven for the traditional part of the build, and also uses npm (NodeJS) to manage the automatic building and processing of Javascript and CSS files to single files for inclusion in the application web page. This includes the use of Browserify (including shims where necessary) and Stylus.

The project also demonstrates how to build a clean, modern, modular AngularJS application.


It is quite easy to find bits and pieces of information describing how to implement a secure single page application with AngularJS, but nothing that explains everything and deals with the tricksy bits. That information makes easy things easier, but leaves hard things for you to sort out yourself.

And it really is hard to get this all working properly together - especially hard to make something that can be considered Production quality.

This project intends to go that extra mile to fully describe and implement a real application that addresses all of the necessary use-cases, in particular with regard to logins and user authorisations.

More Information

More information is provided at the Bootlace Github project page.