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Leviathan Route Planner


The Leviathan route planner is a small application used to support players of Bungie's Destiny 2 videogame.

The route planner helps players navigate around the secret underbelly of the game's major raid activity.

This project was originally developed as part of the Destiny Activity Stats project.

Initially conceived as public web application, the route planner was reimplemented from scratch as a native Android application created using the Kotlin programming language.


Players must navigate the underbelly to travel from major encounter to major encounter during the Leviathan raid activity.

Finding your way around the underbelly can be tricky, confusing and time-consuming for new and experienced players alike.

To add to the difficulty the configuration of the underbelly changes every week on a four week cycle.

How Does the Route Planner Help?

The route planner has a very simple user interface and is straightforward to use.

You first select your current location from a pre-defined list of underbelly locations.

Next you select your desired target location.

Optionally you can choose to favour certain paths through the underbelly over others (there are various entrances, some of which are easier to navigate than others).

Finally you ask the app to find the optimal route and it will show you the a summary list of steps you should follow, along with an optional detailed visual guide with screenshots of the complete route if you need it.

The optimal route is not hard-coded nor pre-determined. Behind the scenes a directed graph and graph theory is used to determine all routes and then pick out the optimal (shortest) one.

How Do I Get It?

The app was previously available from the official Google Play store.

We have withdrawn this app from the official store so it is currently no longer available for download.