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React Org Chart Tutorial


An adjunct is:

"a person associated with lesser status, rank, authority, etc., in some duty or service; assistant."

Adjuncts are sometimes used on organisation charts to show relationships like a personal assistant or some other role that, whilst still subordinate is a different type of relationship than, say, a departmental or organisational direct report.

To use an adjunct, add an <OrgChart.Adjunct> component as a child of the corresponding <OrgChart.Node> component. Only one adjunct component may be used per node.

As is the case with a regular node, the content for an adjunct can be specified either by a label property or by regular child content.

The use of adjuncts is currently somewhat limited, since due to an implementation detail they do not actually take up any space in the chart and will therefore not be accounted for when laying out the chart. Nevertheless, reasonable results can be obtained if care is taken.

Example pending...


const AdjunctChart = () =>
<OrgChart.Node label="Rick Grimes">
<OrgChart.Adjunct label="Michonne"/>
<OrgChart.Node label="Daryl Dixon"/>
<OrgChart.Node label="Carol Peletier"/>
<OrgChart.Node label="Maggie Rhee"/>
<OrgChart.Node label="Morgan Jones"/>
<OrgChart.Node label="Ezekiel"/>