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vlcj 3.x Tutorial


Despite maven being pretty terrible and frustrating at times, it is probably the best build tool out there and it is recommended that you use it for your vlcj applications.

Maven Project

vlcj is available from the Maven Central Repository.

Add the following dependency to the dependencies section in your project pom.xml, this will add vlcj and the JNA dependencies to your project, along with the slf4j API dependency.


That's it!

If you are using maven with Eclipse, and if Eclipse is configured appropriately, this dependency will also pull in the sources and Javadoc for vlcj.

Non-Maven Project

If you are using a non-maven project, or otherwise a project that can not use maven dependencies, then you must manually add the vlcj jar file to your project, along with the jna and jna-platform jar files that vlcj depends on.

How you do this depends on how you build your project.

If you are using a current version of vlcj, you will also need to add at least the slf4j-api jar file. You can also add an optional slj4j implementation jar too if you want, although this is not necessary.

If you use an IDE like Eclipse, then you add the vlcj jar file as an external library. The vlcj jar has a manifest class path that refers to (and therefore expects) the jna and jna platform jar to be present in the same directory.



is available at the GitHub project page.

Distribution Package

You can get everything you need, including sources and Javadoc, by downloading a vlcj distribution package: