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vlcj 4.x Tutorial

Further Information

You've reached the end of the tutorials for vlcj, but there is more information and full source code available at our GitHub project pages.

These tutorials have covered the most commonly used vlcj features, but there is plenty more...

Test Sources at GitHub

There are many examples in the vlcj example sources at GitHub showing how to use just about every feature vlcj has to offer.


The vlcj-player project at GitHub has source code for a full-blown vlcj desktop application demonstrating most of the major features available. It was designed to mimic as much as possible the key functionality from the native VLC desktop application.


If you need to create robust applications with multiple media players operating concurrently, there are critical limitations to what can be done if you want all of those media players in the same Java Virtual Machine. The more media players you have, the more chance you have of a fatal run-time crash that will terminate your entire application. Further, volume and mute controls will be shared across all of your media players.

Consider using vlcj-pro to create applications with multiple completely independent, robust and fault-tolerant media players.